Messina € 6,00
FLEA Weiss € 6,00
Ichinusa € 6,00
Nastro Azzurro € 6,00
Corona € 6,00

Homemade Beer

Tipopils Pilsner 5,2° € 7,50
Bibock Ipa Gluten Free 6,2° € 7,50
Ichinusa American Pale Ale 5,6° € 7,50
Mango Split Fruit Double Ipa 8,0° € 7,50
Nerd Choise Ipa 4,0° € 7,50

All dishes may contain allergens highlighted by EU Regulation 1169/2011 and are indicated below.

Allergens List

cereals and containing gluten, crustaceans and derivatives, eggs and derivatives, fish and derivatives, peanuts and derivatives, nuts and derivatives, celery and derivatives, mustard and derivatives, sesame seeds, sulfur dioxide and sulphites in sup. at 10mg / kg or mg / l expressed as SO2, lupine and lupine-based products, shellfish and shellfish-based products.
For any further information about the presence of substances or products that cause allergies, it is possible to consult the appropriate documentation that will be provided, on request, by the service staff. All our products undergo a sanitization process with lowering of the temperature. EC Regulation 853/2004. In some periods of the year the product can be frozen at the origin