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Fish Restaurant

Fresh fish trattoria arriving every day directly from the boats of Anzio!
Daily auctions guarantee the quality of the product, which we will try to manipulate as little as possible to keep the taste intact.

Our Chefs are ready to surprise you with dishes of substance but with an international flavor.
The Catch of the day will be the master with an exhibition of fresh fish available to our customers; you can choose your favorite fish and decide the type of cooking to your liking.


The Bakery: An important legacy is that of bread making.
The proposal will be enriched with about 40 different types of bread, created with very high quality flours. Crispy hot pizza will be constantly baked to ensure its quality.

  • Special Filoncino Multi Cereals Bread
  • Classic, Integral, Granoduro slippers
  • Filoncino Napoletano
  • Filoncino Stuffed Specialties of the Chef
  • Filoncino di Terni
  • Classic Ciriole
  • Tuscan Loaf of Durum Wheat
  • Sicilian loaf “Pane dell’Angelo” from Grtano Duro
  • Loaf of Rye
  • Filoncino of buckwheat
  • Filoncino al Farro

Ham & Cheese

A selection of cold cuts and cheeses from the best Italian Spanish and French producers is the centerpiece of our counter. Products of great value to take home and to enjoy with the family but also ideal to accompany a relaxing aperitif.


Iberian ham Jamon Joselito Reserva and Jamon 5J
Cinta Senese raw ham – “Falorni” butcher’s shop
Culatello di Zibello – “Frateli Spigaroli”
Raw Mangalica Ham, Barolo-flavored Langhe Salamini, IGP Hazelnuts, Truffle – Company “Chiapella Salumi
Salame di Varzi – Company “Varzi
Goose Cured Meats (Smoked Goose Breast, Duck Speck, Pure Goose Salami, Goose Cooked Ham) – Company “Jolanda de Colò
Cotto San Carlone – “Guffanti” Company

Quick gastronomy for lunch

Quick cooking for lunch with a familiar touch are the characteristics of our gastronomy.

Freshly prepared sandwiches, sandwiches filled with tantalizing ingredients and ready-to-eat dishes make your lunch break or an event to celebrate


How to find and contact us

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