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See Food Restaurant

Fresh fish trattoria arriving every day directly from the boats of Anzio and Fiumicino
Daily auctions guarantee the quality of the product, which we will try to manipulate as little as possible to keep the taste intact.

Our Chefs are ready to surprise you with simple and fresh dishes
The Catch of the day will be the master with an exhibition of fresh fish available to our customers; you can choose your favorite fish and cook it to your liking.



Traditional Hawaiian cuisine dish, consists of a colorful mix of proteins, fruits and vegetables.
Our chefs prepare poke bowls on site with first choice ingredients, enriched with Housemade sauces.

An explosion of taste to give you the right boost every day!
In our in house restaurant you can enjoy the freshest poke bowls, immersed in a trendy and relaxed environment.


In La Palapa you will find traditional and innovative dishes presented with care and attention to detail, new flavors harmonized in an explosion of taste that knows how to involve all the senses because eating means embarking on a journey through cultures that merge.

Sushi and sashimi are the great classics of Japanese restaurants, presented with class and served with elegance. Customers can also order oysters, shrimp and prawns. The table service is courteous and the staff can help customers choose with awareness by recommending sauces and accompanying combinations.



French pastry

The idea of La Palapa is the 24-hour pastry with the start of breakfast, the morning interlude, the salty lunch to combine with the dessert, the afternoon snack and the goodnight kiss. A continuous flow that mixes the desserts of the strict observance of the Parisian pastry shops.
There is no contrast between tradition and innovation, basic and gourmet. The common thread is the quality of the ingredients, the use of cru chocolate, the devotion to butter, the obsession for the best pistachios and the tastiest hazelnuts.

French inspiration our pastry is certainly experimental on the edge of the most eccentric and refined fantasy, never banal.

Dinner Show

Every Friday and Saturday La Palapa organizes dinner show!
We are waiting for you!


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